Empower Students with AI & ML  Through Excellence in IBM Power 9

Focusing on real time learning by IBM instructors,we provide a large-scale powerful infrastructure with SnapML that helps your students to develop & train advanced machine learning models repeatedly faster.

Universities & Research Institutes using IBM Labs

Artificial Intelligence & IBM Power 9

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), and speech recognition and machine vision.

The Power AC922 is engineered to be the most powerful training platform available, providing the data and compute-intensive infrastructure needed to deliver faster time to insights.

Key Benefits

Branding Associated

  • IBM co - branded lab at the campus
  • Joint press release with IBM
  • Social Media Endorsements
  • "IBM AI Expert" certification for students

Opportunity for Industry Collaboration

  • Opportunity for selected faculties to visit IBM research labs.
  • Opportunity for students to showcase their deep learning projects.

Opportunity for Short Term Training Programs

  • Opportunity to offer high in demand short term training programs to industry professionals and outside students with the cost.

Students Industry Readiness And Employability

  • Prepare students for challenges and skills required that an AI driven economy and computing model will demand.

Become one of the first IBM CoEs in India and accelerate your student’s career path with AI and ML technologies. Conduct personalized training, workshops, events, seminars and live sessions with Netalla’s support and empower students with ability to generate data-driven insights in the real world.

Center of Excellence For Educational Institutes by IBM

  • IBM aimed at preparing the Next Generation of Young Professionals using cutting-edge IT skills directly through the University’s curriculum.
  • IBM together with the leading Universities across the world offers a series of futuristic B. Tech. CSE/IT & MBA programs, under the IBM Innovation CoE program.
  • Adequate training to the faculty and a support structure for their constantly being in touch with industry subject matter experts.
  • There are touch points included from the first semester itself. Moving onto later semesters, the labs and project-based learning as well as the industry interactions increases proportionately.
  • Education Courses bundle with IBM Certification: Big Data & AI |  IoT |  Cyber Analytics security
  • Containerized Machine-Deep Learning Frameworks: Power AI |  Docker
  • Workload and Application Management: IBM Spectrum Conductor |  Kurbernetes
  • Differentiated Infrastructure – IBM Power AC 922: Open Power
Of hiring managers consider employee training to be a key retention tool.
Graduate Placement Rate

Certificate in Advanced Technologies(iCAT)

Specialization Tracks Offered & Duration


Course 1:
Intro to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Course 2:
Machine Learning
Course 3:
Industry application development using Machine Learning

Data Analytics

Course 1:
Introduction to Data Science Intelligence & Machine Learning
Course 2:
Data Mining & Predictive Analytics
Course 3:
Descriptive Analytics

Cyber Security

Course 1:
Information Security Fundamentals
Course 2:
IT Security
Course 3:
Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

  • IBM Certification
  • 100 Learning Hours each 
  • Lab sessions to give practical experience
  • Skill is imparted by way of Class room training, On-line tools, Projects and Labs, Assignments and evaluations
  • Post the Skill development program, students will be imparted skills on tests preparation and interview preparation in a complementary session

IBM Certification Highlights

Hands-on Learning

The theory courses are augmented by adequate labs and project work, which will help the students apply the knowledge they gain in the classroom. Performance monitoring and tracking.

Performance monitoring and tracking

This platform helps to track the capability of every student by monitoring their research work, time to project completion, interaction with other team members and feedback from their mentors.

Course compatibility

The course curriculum will be constantly revisited based on industry demands through the support from IBM Labs resources and other connected groups and partner organizations.

Online discussion forums

Apart from on-campus learning, students will also get access to various online resources and events like webinars, hackathons, forums and guest lectures through Netalla.

Digital Badges

Unique digital credential provided by IBM (recognized Globally) for the students who have enrolled into ICE program and satisfy the eligibility criteria to earn the badge.

IBM ICE iCAT – Digital Badges

  • Unique digital credential provided by IBM (recognized globally) for the students who have enrolled into the ICE program and satisfy the eligibility criteria to earn the badge
  • The students earn the Badges when they complete their iCAT specialization track including the subjects/modules in the program
  • The Badges can be inserted into the Badge earner’s email profile or Social media profile
  • Any prospective employer viewing the Badges can validate the credentials claimed by the Badge earner directly from the IBM Badges page Data Analytics Advanced Certificate

About Netalla

Netalla Innovations Pvt Ltd is a  tech consulting and corporate training firm operating for 15+ years with tie-ups with various institutions in the education industry and partnership with the tech giants such as Cisco, IBM, Net app, BluePrism, VMWare, Samsung, Logitech, etc. We provide niche technology driven solution to educational Institutions and corporates.

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