Accelerate Students Career Through Excellence in Petals AI integrated IOT

This Netalla Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence integrated Internet of Things is a medium created for the training and development of the students in this emerging technology. Here we enable the trainees to transform their innovative ideas in the field of Artificial intelligence integrated IoT to the desired product .

About Netalla CoE in AI integrated IoT

IoT is a technology with huge demands globally in all the business avenues such as Medicine , Manufacturing , Retails , Information Technology , education , Automotive ,Consumer Electronics , Automations Etc

In Netalla CoE in AI integrated IoT the trainees are provided with training and all essential hardwares ,softwares, licences, and Petals AI-IoT Research Kit along with the development tools for the transformation of vision to reality. For the initial insight of these technology we provide Product development Experiment Manual with different experiments that integrates various automated functions.

Using these technologies in Netalla – AI integrated IoT CoE the students can create the prototype of any Award Winning Inventions.And here using Petals MYO Automation suite we provide the products for three different automations such as Petals e-Home for homes ,Petals e-Enterprise for enterprises and Petals e-institute for institutes in which the trainees can make real time functioning automations in their own campuses and get educated in this niche technology.

Key objectives of Netalla – CoE For AI Integrated IoT CoE

Key Benefits of Netalla – CoE For AI Integrated IoT CoE

Benefits to Institution

About Netalla Innovations Private Limited

Netalla Innovations Private Limited is a specialised technical consulting firm with more than eighteen years of experience in implementing Innovation Labs (IBM AI Labs, AR /VR Labs, Blue Prism RPA Labs, Cisco Labs etc.) in Educational and Research Institutions executing corporate training programs and system integration projects. Netalla specialises in executing networking infrastructure, IT infrastructure and system integration projects for leading Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions along with providing comprehensive training in Advanced Technologies including AR, VR, AI, ML, RPA, Cyber Security & forensics.

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