Exponential Career Growth For Students

Students can jump- start their career and RPA knowledge with coursework through a global network of colleges and universities, and through online certification opportunities, hands on labs, and other Blue Prism in collaboration with Netalla learning resources.

Multi-industry Phenomenon

Blue Prism and Netalla are well-equipped to helps in providing students a comprehensive learning platform and get them future-ready for the “Automation” era. Every industry will use RPA systems in the foreseeable future.What’s very promising is that RPA is not only for IT, it is a multi-industry phenomenon.

Global Certification Program

Blue Prism RPA training certifications are globally recognized and demonstrate that you have developed skills through rigorous study and hand-on experience in the choosen field. You can promote your proficiency in various Blue Prism subject areas using out Global Certification Digital Badges. These badges help to make your learning accomplishments visible and verifable to anyone and everyone, online and offline. It gives you a competitve advantage and trusted validation in the market.

The courses in this will be :

1. Blue Prism RPA Foundation

2. Blue Prism RPA Developer Certification Workshop

3. Blue Prism RPA Advanced Certification Workshop

4. Blue Prism Certification Readiness

Blue Prism Role Certification Paths

Blue Prism University provides mature up-skilling paths for all roles with formal principal roles. We offers Role Certification Path programs by area of focus and skill level. These industry leading professional certification programs guarantees the integrity of the award, so the students existing and further employers can be assured of the quality of the holder.

The Role Certification Paths Are :


Processional Developer

Solution Designer

Technical Architect

ROM Architect

Installation Engineer

Netalla Blue Prism Certification Training

Students taking our RPA training programs acquire globally recognized certifications after proctored examinations. This training enables business operations to be agile and cost effective by automating manual, rule-based, repetitive back-office processes and improving accuracy by
developing a “Digital Workforce.” Elevate your product knowledge in RPA using Netalla Blue Prism Certification Training and gain highly desirable skills.

Netalla Program Highlights:

Academia Program Benefits of Netalla


Certain companies tend to club processes that involve human intervention as well under the same umbrella of robotic process automation. The brains behind the Netalla Centers of Excellence, however, only consider those technologies as being truly RPA where there is no human intervention at all in the execution of the process. This is to avoid diluting the value of the technologies being developed by such stellar market leaders as Blue Prism.

We have several features that allow our program to benefit your students and your institution:
1. Bridging the gap between education and employment.
2. Provide enhanced learning ans world-class training, to the next generation of learners.
3. Easy online enrollment for qualifying institutions – at no cost.
4. Well-rounded curriculum designed to position students for cutting edge RPA jobs.
5. Multiple course ware formats.
6. Content is available in six (6) languages for most courses.
7. Access to the Blue Prism University Learning Community, which introduces and instructors to subject matter experts on RPA technologies.

The benefits for students of the Blue Prism RPA Center of Excellence powered by Netalla include the following:
1. Learning Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation theory, concepts and practical applications will help in improving knowledge levels in all the practical and advanced concepts of RPA. Imparts knowledge about automation workflows, automation debugging and automation planning.
2. Exponential career growth for students. RPA Developers and RPA Business Solution Architects are in high demand in the market.
3. Staying up to date on the latest industry trends.
4. Added advantage when it comes to interviewing for jobs in today’s job market.
5. Internship and project opportunities based on Robotic Process Automation.
6. Global recognition by acquiring Blue Prism certifications.

Step 1 -Ensure your device meets the minimum requirements:
●Intel Processor
●Minimum 10GB free disk space (after install of Operating System and standard
●Windows 8.1 (64-bit) or 10 (64-bit)
●.NET Framework 4.7

Step 2 – Training License:
●A feature limited installation of Blue Prism.
●A free 12 months license.
●This works only on institution computer lab systems.
To support the above training license, we provide free access to our product documentation,
training materials, and Blue Prism Learning Community.

Partial list of companies that are recruiting in the RPA field

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